Teqa fills a void in Murray Hill’s restaurant and nightlife scene by melding a modern menu and design sensibilities with a traditional spirit. An unparalleled liquor selection meets an exquisitely crafted menu.  Interior designer Lesly Zamor (Seed NY) has deftly mixed a fluid floor plan with striking décor. 

That design was given life through the brilliant construction work of Strictly Structural, who ensured every last handcrafted detail was inspired by the cultures that shaped the 500-year-long history of tequila.

Murray Hill is a vibrant and youthful neighborhood with an energy that can barely be contained in its blocks. Blending creativity and drive, the people who live and work within its blocks are the key influencers of tomorrow. Until recently, the area was serviced by traditional bars and pubs with few upscale offerings and very little Mexican fare. Teqa fills that void by a melding modern menu and design sensibilities with a traditional spirit.

Translating the vibrancy and flavor of the design to the menu, Teqa has created a presentation of modern and traditional Mexican cuisine that draws from influences around the globe. Teqa’s tables rival the beauty of its chandeliers. Built from wood local to the Guadalajara region of Mexico and accented by brass molding, these tables are finely carved by expert craftsmen.

The mastermind behind Teqa, Derek Axelrod, comes from a line of successful entrepreneurs and cut his teeth early. He helped craft highly successful campaigns for his families company, French Connection. As head of the product placement division, Mr. Axelrod was responsible for outfitting celebrities in French Connection apparel. It was a position that he excelled at and it helped shape his unique approach to public relations. Since that time he has

acquired, expanded, and built a number of restaurants. His vision for Teqa is a neighborhood bar and restaurant that can be expanded to other locations that embody the same creative energy and hip spirit found in Murray Hill.